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The Waist Shaper is ideally used to give your waist an instantly slimmer shape by tucking your tummy and sides in. It is made of lightweight, thin, high quality material, allowing complete freedom of movement.

Main benefits:
A Slimmer and more toned waistline: Instantly achieves a slimmer tummy and waist line.
Aids in Weight Loss: The shaper will help restrict your appetite making you feel full sooner and eating less.
Reduces bloating: Let’s face it, some people just get more bloated than others, often with no apparent reason and even after a very small meal! The shaper will help you maintain your body figure if you get bloated easily.

Ideal for any form of exercise such as the gym, running, cycling, yoga or pilates.
Enhances your workout experience by promoting sweating. This releases “feel-good” endorphins and detoxifies your body!
Not just for working out… Wear it all day at work or at home!
Ideal if you need a lightweight and less restrictive shaper for exercise or other daily tasks.

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